The following is old and unsupported stuff. I put them up purely for those that ask for them. Do not expect any answers to questions regarding these.

Ambisonic Audio Unit Suite

This Ambisonic plugin suite was written as part of my MSc in Music Technology. It will not run on x86/Intel based Macs, only earlier. The suite consists of the following plugins:

  • Binaural Decoder
  • Decoder
  • Virtual Microphone
  • Panner
  • Plane Mirror
  • Rotate/Tilt/Tumble Processor
  • Zoom Control

Download BAudioUnits.zip

10 Responses to Unsupported

  1. Elan Rosenman says:

    Thanks for posting your B-Audio Units Suite. It will be useful for research.

  2. Doug Hammond says:

    Any chance these could be re-built for Intel macs? Is the source available; could it be made available?
    A suite of Ambisonic processors for OSX/AU would be very useful!

  3. Dan says:

    Hi Aristotel, I’m searching for a 3rd order ambisonic decoder that will enable me to use irregular speaker arrays. I Found this:


    This product would fit the bill perfectly, is it still available?

  4. D says:

    Hi Aristotel

    would appreciate if you could email me the decoder as well.



  5. Jim says:


    Do you still have the Binaural Decoder VST from Charles Gregory? I lost it during my last OS install, but I can’t find it anywhere on your website.

  6. Giorgio Arcella says:


    I have to develop a system which has to convert b-format (from 3rd order on) into binaural signals (through HRTF), as in Charles Gregory’s work, for what i could read on the internet..i would really appreciate if you could link me some material about this work, because i couldn’t find much.

    I’ve already developed a Matlab framework for Ambisonic, for “every” order, and i’d put it in as the “sperimental” part of my thesis work.

    Thank you very much for your help,

  7. Damon Brenner says:

    Hi Aristotel,

    I’m interested in the B-decoder and Bformat2Binaural VST, do you still have those?


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