My name is Aristotel Digenis, a former audio programmer. The aim of this site is to share my audio software from way back then. Most of the software is audio related, and in particular spatial (3D) audio.

Here you will find VST, Audio Unit, and Bidule plugins, for spatial audio, mostly Ambisonics. C++ libraries for similar processing will be made available, mostly with an open-source license.

These are theses written during my university studies. Perhaps at some point some more documents will be put up, but it seems rather unlikely =)

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  1. Rohit says:


    I am an Interaction Design student and am currently working on a project in simulating Binaural Audio. I do not have a core programming background and so I have been coming across some problems.

    I have some knowledge of OpenAL, which I am using for basic mock-ups right now. But, as surely you would know, its fidelity is not at all sufficient. I wanted to try out the KEMAR library offered by you, but I could not use it, although I have went through the documentation and got some understanding.

    Could you please mail me any very basic code/project which I can use to get an idea. The most basic piece of code to make it work is what I require.

    And could you also shed some light on how I can use this library with OpenAL or any else platform you think I should shift over. I only need to create the artificial sound sources and am not working on the back-end part of it.


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